Round ‘Em Up

Just about 3 weeks to the fabulous 2011 Mummers Parade and another sign that the event is rushing upon us is the “Mummers Roundup.” The annual “Roundup” at the Mummers Museum sheds more light on the upcoming big parade. It’s the meeting of heads of all the clubs participating in the parade. It is conducted by the City of Philadelphia Recreation Department. City officials lay out the staging areas, the times, the rules of the road for the strut up Broad Street and other logistics. Parade Director and Deputy Recreation Commissioner Leo Dignam led the instructions from his veteran team. Here’s some of what was made official Wednesday night. Murray will start the parade, leading the Comics up Broad Street. They’ll start at Broad and Washington at 10 a.m. and move north to City Hall. Goodtimers will follow, then Landi. Then come the Wenches. Here’s the Order of March for the Wench Division this year: Oregon(formerly a Fancy Club), Saints, Bryson, Riverfront, O’Malley, Pirates, Cara Liom and Froggy Carr. The Fancies will line up on Broad between Morris and Mifflin. Golden Sunrise and Hog Island will represent the Fancy Division this year. Next are the String Bands. Pennsport starts the String Bands at Broad and Shunk, while the rest of the bands line up at Broad and Oregon. There will be several viewing areas along the parade route and the city says some improved amenities, such as more portable toilets and warming stations. I’ll have more on that and the music and drill areas in the near future. Of course, I’m biased but unless you are sitting where I get to sit on parade day, often the best seat is in your warm family or living room watching PHL17. Our coverage begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 10 p.m. with the Fancy Brigades Finale (8pm to 10pm on PHL17).  I also will have the major parade prize results in the news at 10 p.m.

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  1. Hi Steve talking io Jim Julia captain of Saturnalians ,and he mentioned ,as I saw more than 10 years ago, mummers history laying all over the 3rd floor in the mummers musuem.They were trying to atempt to find there own history all over the place pictures etc..I saw it 10 years ago ,and cannot believe no one has organized it!!Is there anything that can be done???Its distressing should check it out at the museum!!!Maybe a local University could help us?????Historical Society??You as a reporter and true mummers brother would be appallled if you saw this>>>>>please let me know of any options ,thanks Chris .ps live in FL but playing drums this year for Hegamen …fly back and forth for practice….BOLT

  2. Make sure the Fancy clubs line up on the west side of Broad St. only. Here come the wenches BABY!!!!!!!!!!

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