Change in the Parade

Change is a constant, even within a tradition.  Irish American String Band has decided not to march up Broad Street in the 2011 Mummers Parade.  I spoke to Irish American founder John Kates who tells me he thinks it’s best to take a breather and get it right, and that he hopes to reorganize for 2012.  I.A. is one of the youngest bands but its core is composed of veteran Mummers.  John joined Duffy String Band back in 1959 and marched with the legendary Henry Kunzig in the 1960 parade.  John says the one thing all Mummers must remember is that “it is supposed to be about fun and if you forget that, then turn in your ID” and call it a day.  He hopes to bring the fun back over the next year.  While Kelly Marie Mahon took time off from Irish American to take care of some personal matters this year, well before the decision by I.A. not to march,  she could be back as Captain for 2012.  A club deciding not to march happens from time to time.  Over the years some fade away, others return as they were before or come back in a different form, merged or in another division.  All the best to the members of Irish American. 

Below is the new Order of March for the 2011 Parade.

1. Pennsport 2. Fralinger 3. Woodland 4. Broomall 5. South Philadelphia.

6. Durning 7. Greater Kensington 8. Aqua 9. Polish American 10.Trilby

11. Uptown 12 .Hegeman 13. Duffy  14. Quaker City 15. Avalon 16. Greater Overbrook 17. Ferko

2 Responses

  1. There will not be any streaming, however, on the PHL site there will be some video and lots of still photos posted within a few minutes of many of the performances.

  2. Afraid not, Elliot. will have still photos and some video posted, but nothing live, no streaming. Below is the list of the non-Philadelphia coverage.

    New York City will carry only 2 hours of the parade and as of this writing I have not been informed of which two hours. Whatever they decide will be on channel 11.2 over the air, or the “THIS TV” channel on NY cable.

    Harrisburg, York, Lancaster and Lebanon will carry the full outdoor parade from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on WPMT channel 43.2, not their main channel which is 43.1. If local cable in those communities carries the 43.2 channel it would might be on another number, but it is WPMT’s 43.2.

    In Washington, DC, WDCW will carry three hours of the parade from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., that is most of the string bands, on its main channel.

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