What It’s All About

When people asked me about the Mummers, I tell them it’s about fun, family and tradition.  There’s a lot more to it, of course, such as musicianship in the string bands, choreography and design in the Fancy Brigades, being ambassadors for Philadelphia, all the work and planning, for example.  But,  really, for most Mummers almost everything falls under fun, family and tradition.  The three are intertwined, too, but family is the one that hits me the most.  Family means generations being together.  It means friends for life.  It is especially about children, whether they are Mummer children or simply kids smiling at what has paraded in front of them on New Year’s Day.I meet a lot of kids who benefit from the Mummers caring about children.  With this story are some photos of handmade thank you cards sent to me by the 6th grade class I visited a year ago at Laurel Springs Elementary School in Laurel Springs, New Jersey.  It’s a magnificent school.  You can tell by the students, the teachers and staff and that historic building they bring to life.  Bart White, of the South Side Shooters New Years Association, which performs in the Comic Division, is a 6th Grade teacher at Laurel Springs.  Bart has positively touched many young lives, as do many Mummers throughout the year.  It’s all about the kids, part of the fun, family and tradition of New Year’s Day.

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