Parade Update

Just a quick update on the January 1, 2011 New Year’s Parade.  There’s a lot of talk about the parade starting one hour later.  That is not a done deal.  While there are those who are advocating for that, there are others who have some concerns, including its impact on the cost of the parade and impact on the indoor performances.   The one hour later start time could happen, but as of this date, the City of Philadelphia has not yet made a final decision on changing the start time of the parade.

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  1. Moved my Mother to Harrisburg, PA. On New Year’s Day is there any TV station on which she can watch the parade?

  2. what channels will the mummers parade be on new year’s day for 2011? will it be on live webcast? I was born and raised in phila. and grew up watching the mummers parade. all my brothers were in the liberty clowns division. I now live in maryland due to a job transfer and they don’t show this parade here so if I could get it on live webcast, that would be great. please respond…….God bless your day, week, year

    • Good news is in the works on this. While there is no WGN broadcast this year, the Tribune stations in New York, Harrisburg-York, and Washington, DC will be carrying all or part of the parade. When I know more I will post the information.

      • Live webcast would be perfect for the rest of us….please have a chat with the powers that be and make that happen, okay? 😉 But seriously, I’m in New Orleans now and missing the Mummers more than can be imagined.

  3. Steve you do an outstanding job as an advocate for us mummers. I think Steve Highsmith should be enshrined in the Mummers Museum for his non stop efforts of fighting for the Mummers. I am a mummers, even though I have been away since 2004 due to military service, and now I am working for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in El Paso, TX, I am STILL a member of the Woodland String Band. And I look for the day I can move back to Philadelphia and get back on my saxophone and pick up the hobby that I miss to fill the void in my life of a hobby I began in 2000 as a sophomore at West Catholic High School. I’ve been with Trilby, South Philadelphia, and Woodland String Bands and the BROTHERS I have in Woodland are my second family. Steve GREAT JOB all around and I mean it, you should be in the Mummers Museum! God bless, Happy Thanksgiving, and let’s have a great parade in 2011 and carry this 110 year tradition to NEW HEIGHTS and make the City of Philadelphia realize they can NEVER ring in the new year WITHOUT a Mummers parade!

    • Thank you, Chris. You could have chosen something different, but you keep on serving our nation. Thank you. YOU are the best. Watch out for those dust storms.

      • Sorry last message got messed up…Steve, for the parade, is there anyword on WB posting a live webcam feed for those of us serving our nation? Make sure to toss me a shout out before Woodland comes on brother and definately when I get back to Philly hopefully I will be there around String Band serenade April, we can grab some coffee or a drink or something. I meant it, you are a HUGE contributor to our beloved hobby, and crucial part of its on-going legacy. Stve Highsmith got my vote for Mummers Hall of Fame Nominee…Thanks brother!

      • You got it, Chris. As for th web cam, it’s not going to happen. The financial support in this economy for that and for national exposure is just not there, at least not yet.

  4. i live is South Carolina now,. grew up watching and going to the mummers parade, any way to receive a live broadcast by web-cast or direct tv???

    • So far, Rocky, no luck with satellite or other nationwide providers. Right now it’s looking like the only stations besides ours in Philadelphia are in Harrisburg-York, New York and Washington, D.C. I am awaiting final word.

  5. Steve,
    I am a former Philadelphian who now lives in Boca Raton, Florida. I have watched the parade in Florida for the past few years on WGN. I understand that WGN will not be covering the 2011 parade. Do you know if there will be another TV station in South Florida that will carry the parade?

    • As of the moment, Paul, no. It looks like the only stations will be in Washington DC, New York and Harrisburg-York.

  6. I am very disappointed that after 9 years of campaigning to get the Mummers on national TV, the broadcast media still doesn’t recognize the commercial value of broadcasting the Mummers Parade nationwide! The benefits to Philadelphia tourism alone would be a big plus! What an opportunity to show this great city and all it has to offer to people all over this great country! The century plus Mummers Parade demonstrates how communities still get together to celebrate the New Year and their great city. There is no other parade in the country like this parade and it needs to be shared! Many, many fans from the tri-state area are spread throughout the US and have had the opportunity to watch a portion of the parade for the last few years on TV. The last broadcast being top quality programming with excellent sound and picture!
    At 55, I am still passionate about the Mummers Parade and find it both interesting and disappointing that, outside of Philly, the only places it will be broadcast is in the Washington DC, New York and Harrisburg-York area.

    “One day a year, the working people of Philadelphia rule!” God bless the Philadelphia Mummers!

  7. The MUMMERS Parade is the most unique and entertaining parade spectacle in the world. I just never could undertand why all these other monotonous, redundant, cookie cutter parades are broadcast nationally, while, for the most part, the MUMMERS Parade remains a Philadelphia treasure only,

    • There are probably a few reasons, John. When the coverage started of those parades is one, how simple they are to broadcast, but one big one is financial support. The corporate support for many of those others is huge.

  8. So disappointed that the Mummers Parade is not broadcast in Maine. My nephew marches with Ferko String Band and I miss the parade so much. There are at least 7 stations showing the Tournament of Roses Parade, even a spanish station up here, but no Mummers! What’s up with that! There are lots of folks from Philly and South Jersey living up here who would love to watch the Mummers and show their friends what a real parade is like. Please do something to get our parade broadcast nationwide!

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