Still Summer for Mummers

Mummers kept summer alive on a perfect September day near 2nd and Olde New Jersey Avenue in North Wildwood.
String Bands marched up a parade watchers-lined street  spreading the joy of strutting.
Mummers from several divisions were in the Wildwoods this weekend.   It’s a tradition that is new by Mummers standards.  Hog Island Fancy Club, for example, marked its 20th year in Wildwood in the weekend after Labor Day.  While much of the weekend is Mummers celebrating privately in homes, motels and in taverns, there has developed for many years a public string band celebration lasting a couple of hours.  Bands play. Captains strut with adults and kids.  It’s part the fun of the Wildwoods, part semi-private party, part hanging on to summer and all Mummers.  The crowd was fabulous. 
They clapped and sang and lined the sidewalks and filled the taverns and restaurants along the parade route.  Animals loved it, too.
Quaker City, Durning, Hegeman, Greater Kensington, Woodland, Avalon, South Philadelphia, Ferko, Fralinger and Duffy played  “When You’re Smiling” and other Mum staples and really it just all felt like  a perfect afternoon.
It was a day you didn’t want to end. 

Here are some more of the images captured on a beautiful day in North Wildwood.


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  1. Hey Steve, It was great to see you, And Thanks for the Picture. Foley Loves it!!

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