Ferko is Philadelphia.  I stopped by the Ferko String Band Clubhouse today in  Bridesburg to watch the band members and their families leave for CitiField in New York City to cheer on the Phillies tonight.  Check out young Hunter there with “Go” shaved on one side of his head and “Phils” on the other side!  About 270 folks from the Ferko SB family …yes 270… including a few Mummers from other string bands, filled up bus after bus and made the trek. Wish I could have gone with them.

Before they left, they gathered for a big lunch at the clubhouse and geared up for the day-evening long outing.  This is just more evidence of 2 things: Mummers bind the community and families together and they support all things Philadelphia, in this case the Fightins. 

Matthew,Luke,Hunter,Mike & Fred

Blane, Jason, Mike, Bob and all in Ferko raising funds and fun, Ferko style.   I may have some pics of the mammoth appearance of Phillies fans at the game after the game.  If so, I’ll post them here.

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