Entertaining and Honest, too!

The members of  the Original Trilby String Band have passed the test.  A real world test.  Ever wonder what you would do if you found about $1500.00?  Well, Trilby had to make the call.  As Captain Joe Kaminski tells it, a member of the band (Kyle)  opened the mail box at the Haworth Street clubhouse in Bridesburg and inside was…money.  Lots of money.  Neatly wrapped 20 dollar bills.  $1500.00 worth.  No note.  Nothing else unusual. After a little discussion about who could have left it there (was it an anonymous donation?), and about what to do with the cash, Kaminski took the money to the police.  Turns out it was probably stolen from a nearby bank on Kirkbride Street.  The FBI put out this description of the robber:  “The subject is described as a white female in her 30’s, 5’5” tall, 130 pounds, wearing a military-style camouflage cap with blond hair pulled up inside the cap, sunglasses, a bluish green t-shirt, and khaki shorts.”   So, the robber was either a modern day Robin Hood, or had a change of heart, or just got scared and not wanting to be caught with the cash, stashed it in Trilby’s mail box. Perhaps, she intended to go back and get the loot later.  Whatever the case, the band was briefly in the money.  But, in the end, did the right thing.  Easy come, easy go, right Joe?   Now, we may call the band, “The Honest Original Trilby String Band.”

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