Happy Campers

As you enjoy your summer, so, too, do some camping friends of mine who got to enjoy MDA Summer Camp in Montgomery County.  The Muscular Dystrophy Association makes the week long camping experiences available thanks to the generous donations of you and so many others.   Firefighters from across the region prepare meals for the kids.   Firefighters from Burlington County were on hand as I visited.  Harley Davidson owners, who raise lots of money through their rides, also come to camp to give the kids rides in a sidecar.  The camp is filled with fun experiences.  There is the big parade in keeping with the theme of the week.  This year it was games and a rainy, misty day did not deter these campers.  The good folks at Lowe’s helped build and paint the floats and suits on site with the kids.  But, the fundamental strength of the camp is that gives young people living with neuromuscular diseases a chance to be in an environment tailor made for them, a week where no explanations are necessary and friends are all around.   The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon unofficially ends the summer. Look for you there on myphl17.

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