More on South Philly Vikings

The last few days have been fun hearing all the positive reaction about the South Philly Vikings’ appearance on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”   The Fancy Brigade is understandably not allowed to talk about the experience yet because it is ongoing and the events of the show are secret until aired.  But, some others can comment.

Jim Julia, head of the Fancy Brigade Division tells me, “We always believe the Mummers do indeed have talent!  Now America will get a chance to see the Mummers and realize there really is only one place to be on New Year’s Day and that, of course,  is in Philly!  The fact that it is a Fancy Brigade certainly adds to the level of pride.  I may have to change my saying that the Brigades were Philly’s best kept secret.”

The one and only Rocco Gallelli adds, “The South Philly Vikings are showing America the quality of entertainment that Philadelphians experience in the Pennsylvania Convention Center on January 1st each year during the Fancy Brigade Finale.  I wish them luck as they move on to Vegas.” 

Hey, if the Vikes keep going, they may need help getting to and from the competition and staying there.  Any help would be appreciated.

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