Ferko Gives Back…Again

Reverend Susan Daniels, Pastor of Bridesburg United Methodist Church, sings the praises of the Joseph A. Ferko String Band. Reverend Daniels and her congregation along with the Bridesburg Council of Churches held a fundraiser last weekend to support the church’s food pantry and Ferko helped make it a success.

Reverend Daniels tells me her church regularly provides food for 529 families. Getting that food, either in food donations or cash to buy the food to give out is not easy, especially in these times. To get some money to save those families she scrambled and got some singers in her church and a local Baptist church, plus an Ambler Police Officer I hear does a great Frank Sinatra, but she felt more was needed to bring in a large enough audience willing to make donations.

While at her church on Kirkbride Street, between Richmond and Thompson, she heard Ferko serenading way down the street. She raced after the band, but that’s not easy for Reverend Daniels, who has arthritis. She never caught up with them. But she emailed and left a message explaining her situation and a representative of the band responded with a big, yes we’ll be there! Ferko kicked off the fundraiser in energetic fashion, making the event a winner. $1,500.00 was raised and that will go a long way to purchase food from Philabundance to keep children and parents, seniors and the unemployed in good health. Thank you, Bridesburg United Methodist Church. Thank you, Reverend Daniels. And, thank you Captain Anthony Celenza and the Joseph A. Ferko String Band.

One Response

  1. God Bless The Ferko String Band. This Is Truly Doing God’s Will. This Is What We Are About. God Telling Us To Love And Help Our Neighbors. Thank You For Sharing This Great News. Peace.

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