Unity and Fun at 2nd and Washington

On a unusually but pleasantly warm early spring night, Mummers gathered outside the Mummers Museum Saturday evening ahead of the annual New Years Shooters and Mummers Association Banquet.  President Bob Shannon had prepared a wonderful lineup for recognition and former Durning Captain and NYSMA officer Jerry LaRosa was primed to honor the Hall of Famers.

Carm & John

The good feelings then flowed inside as members of the Comic, Fancy, Wench Brigade and String Band Divisions gathered as a large family with great talk, food and dancing.  The night also honored the top finishers in the 2010 parade and installed new members in the Halls of Fame.   Jim Dotzenroth and Joe D’Urso, both of Goodtimers Comic Club, were welcomed, respectively, into the Old Timer’s Hall of Fame and the Hall of Fame.

Michelle & Gabrielle

John, Palma & Deb

The generations of Mummers were well represented, from teens to the folks that have, well, been wearing feathers and sequins for awhile.  1st Prize recognition was also extended to Bryson NYB and Ed Bryson in the Wench Brigade Division and to Hog Island and the Hog’s Captain, Kenny Medeiros.  Murray Comic Club and Murray Captain Dennis Pellegrino were honored for their 1st Prize finishes.  It was a festive evening with Mummers united for a good time and a common purpose.

Jessica & Rich

Rusty Martz and the late Frank Conforti were honored for their entrance into the Hall of Fame from the Fancy Division.  Dennis Quaile, Joe Bujonowski and Joe Leso were honored for their admittance into the Hall from the String Band Division.  Don Reeves and Al Koneig are Old Timer’s Hall of Fame entrants this year in the String Band Division.  The NYSMA Banquet honored Fralinger String Band for its 1st Prize in 2010, the band’s 8th in a row, and honored Fralinger Captain Thomas D’Amore, for his 1st Prize finish. 

Karen & Thomas

 It was a great moment when Thomas and Anthony, Thomas’ father, who has been in the band for  decades and got to march with his Captain son this year, came up on behalf of the band to accept the 1st Prize recognition from the Association.  I want to extend as well appreciation to Tom’s mother, Karen.   A special honor went to George Badey, of Fralinger, and an officer with the String Band Association.  George received the Heller Cup Award, named after the late Al Heller, who was as much as anyone the heart and soul of Mummery.

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