Caution: Strut in Progress

I’m ready for spring.   The whole long-cold, water-logged region is starting to utter a big sigh.  It must be what that first moment after getting out of prison feels like.  Well, anyway, as enjoyable as winter can be, we’ve served the sentence and we’re set for a Phanatic good time.  And, there is also much strutting in progress, too.  I look forward to the New Years Shooters and Mummers Association awards banquet this weekend at the Museum.  The following weekend the Wench Brigade Division has its banquet and the next day, Sunday, the String Band Association breaks bread and hands out trophies.   Meanwhile, the String Bands are making summer plans and putting meat on the bones of their themes.  Below are themes approved for most of the bands.  I’ll update the others listed as TBA as they inform me their theme has been approved, but it gives Mummers fans an idea what the bands are working on and what New Year’s Day, 2011, will look and sound like.   Here they are in scheduled 2011 Order of March.

 1.   Pennsport——————“Marching With the Mummers”

2.   Fralinger——————-“Stagefright”

3.   Woodland——————“A Bayou Blast”

4.   Broomall——————“Tin Can Alley” 

5.   South Philadelphia——“Showboat Jubilee” 

6.   Durning——————–TBA 

7.   Irish American———–TBA 

8.   Greater Kensington——TBA 

9.   Aqua———————–“Aqua Has A-Peel” 

10. Polish American——–“The Pirates of Port Richmond” 

11. Trilby———————-“Court of the Demon King” 

12. Uptown——————–“Table For Two” 

13. Hegeman——————TBA 

14. Duffy———————–“Trains” 

15. Quaker City—————“Clownin’ Around” 

16. Avalon———————“Southern Religious Revival” 

17. Greater Overbrook——-“Overbrook 3011”

18. Ferko————————“Out West-Prospecting for Gold!”

Go Phillies!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks, Christine. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanks, Gootch! Loved seeing you.

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