Mums of La Mancha!

It was a momentous occasion tonight in the cavernous gymnasium at St. Matthew’s School in National Park, New Jersey.  Members of Quaker City String Band, rehearsing for the upcoming Show of Shows, kept one eye on the music and one eye on the prize waiting in the corner. 

 Jake Hart, the judge of judges, was there.  Beside him, a small but potent piece of plexiglass and wood, symbolizing one of the core beliefs of Mummery: Fun.  I was there, too.  It was our annual moment to award the 2010 Custard’s Last Stand Award.  The award is named for the famous Durning String Band presentation of 1989.  It is given to the punniest theme which also fits the performance on New Year’s Day. And this year the award goes to Quaker City String Band for their wonderful theme, “Mums of La Mancha.”

Jake presented the trophy to Quaker City String Band President Harry Brown, Jr.   After receiving the trophy, the band cheered and then got to work, getting ready for the Show of Shows, which takes place February 27th in Atlantic City.

The trophy, like the Stanley Cup, moves from club to club with each new winner, though one difference is you can’t drink from it. 

Here’s the list of previous Custard’s Last Stand awardees:

2009  “Saturday Fright Fever”  –Durning

2008  “Ghouls Gone Wild”  –Polish American String Band

2007  “Raided AARRRRRRGH!”  –Aqua

2006  “That’s Enter-TRAIN-ment”  –South Philadelphia

2005  “How the West Was Mum” –Woodland

2004  “Jailhouse Flock”  –Aqua

2003  “AAAAargh!”   –Woodland

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