In the waiting room…

Just a quick note:  The String Bands submitted their theme requests this past Monday.  The clock started at noon and within a few minutes most of the bands had submitted. It’s first come, first served.  The rumor mill has been active with what bands have chosen which themes.  Some of the themes are very generic at this point.  Nothing is official.  That won’t happen until this coming Monday, when the Theme Committee examines all the themes and settles any similarities or other problems.   We’ll list the final word here when it’s official.

My thanks to the students and staff of St. Martin of Tours School for a lively and well-spent morning.  I got a chance to speak to three classes about television, journalism, and jobs in general.  The folks in the Oxford Circle area can rest assured they have great young people in the pipeline.  And folks, it’s another example of how Mummers are everywhere and quietly doing good things.  Rick Conti, who plays saxophone with Woodland String Band, is a teacher at St. Martin.

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