The Life “Aqua”

“Life” is beginning to settle back into a routine now that the 2010 Comcast Mummers Parade is a little farther in the rear view mirror, but the memories of the great moments in the parade and the wonderful participants will always remain strong.
I asked Aqua String Band Captain Ron Iannacone to share his thoughts with me about what it was like on New Year’s Day as Captain and strutting up Broad Street to City Hall with his band.  He says, “My favorite part (of this year’s presentation) was the creation of the Cat Clock and hearing the crowd reaction.  I smiled when I heard Jake’s (Jake Hart) comment that every grandmother had that hanging in their house and it is true.  The inspiration was the very same clock that hung in my Grandmother’s kitchen in South Philadelphia.  It represented what we should aim for as a String Band, simple, effective, and memorable.”

“As I stand facing my band immediately before the whistle blows,” says Ron, “I try to make eye contact with as many of my bandmates as possible. I smile at them and let them know how proud I am to stand with them.  It is a sense of pure adrenaline and pure passion knowing that for the next 4 minutes I will do what I truly love.  All I keep thinking is “Blow the whistle! I want the world to see who we are!”  As we turn City Hall, I make it a point to go to each member, shake their hand, thank them, and wish them a Happy New Year.  I honestly miss seeing bands doing that at what used to be the old starting line.”
Aqua finished a strong 8th in the myphl17 Viewers Choice Poll.  Captain Iannacone praises his bandmates.  “Aqua is very proud of its performance.  We scored more points in 2010 then we have in at least 13 years.  We improved 3 places over the previous year. We improved by over 18 points (Ferko improved by 6 points and that was the second best overall improvement).  We were awarded 2nd Prize at the Union League, and we came in 7th in costume.  (It) reflects our hard work and rebuilding efforts over the past two years.  We recognize that from a performance standpoint there is tremendous room for improvement, and we need to fine tune and refine many aspects of our music and production – but for the moment Band morale is quite high, and we will enjoy the next few days.”
He continues, “Everyone in our Band deserves special mention because they work so hard.  But we would like to acknowledge and thank Ky Reed for years years of service and dedication not just to Aqua, but all of Mummery.  Also, our President Mike Riddle, our Drill Master Patrick Farrell, our Music Director Ed Fetscher and our AMAZING team of marshals are the keys to the Band’s growth and improvement.”

Sentiments shared by most Captains on and after New Year’s Day.  Thanks, Ron Iannacone and Aqua!


3 Responses

  1. The costumes of Aqua, especially the Captain Ron Lannacone, was absolutely magnificent!!!

  2. Mark, thank you. We were especially proud of our costumes this year – we wanted to be as creative as possible and truly look like a String Band. We have Bob Finnegan and Dave Moscinski of Fabrications to thank for providing the vision and execution.

  3. Aqua String Band’s makeup was pretty cool! Also, someone should do a special show, introducing the public to the many talented airbrush artists that work, tirelessly, behind the scenes to create the background scenery for the string bands and the fancy brigades. They NEVER get any recognition or even a mention on T.V.!? Artists like, Rick Willens, Kirk DuPuis and/or Steve, from U-Needa Sign Co.

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