Born to Be Wild Rovers

They came off the line like UC Berkeley toward a Doritos tray.  The members of Wild Rovers Brigade eased with purpose into the judging area at City Hall and celebrated the new year as they celebrated a life.  Rod and Peg McLaughlin and many family members and friends of the late Jerry Murray performed “Grateful for the New Year,” a take off of the Grateful Dead at the 2010 Comcast Mummers Parade.  Jerry Murray passed away shortly after collapsing while performing with the Rovers a year earlier.  He was a respected  attorney, a dedicated Comic among Mummers and a great family man.  The Wild Rovers sported large buttons with pictures of Jerry and inspired by his sense of humor, spoofed the Grateful Dead, tie-dyed, long-haired and free-spirited.   At that moment, you knew that Jerry Murray and Jerry Garcia put their arms around each other and smiled.

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