Mum’s A Go (for now) and more…

The 2010 Comcast Mummers Parade is still scheduled to go tomorrow, Friday, New Year’s Day!   Any decision changing that would likely not be made until 4 tomorrow morning.  However, the forecasts have been improving.   As tired as some Mummers are right now getting everything together they know it’s best to go on NY’s Day and every effort will be made.  Stay tuned.  And remember, even if the outdoor parade were to be postponed, the indoor Fancy Brigades Finale still takes place, 2 shows at the PA Convention Center.

As I earlier reported would happen, The Mummers and the City reached their deal and are moving forward with the parade and future discussions.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s parade.  Having spent some time looking at the suits of the Fancies and seeing the routines the String Bands are going to do, talking with Wench Brigades, large and small, talking with Fancy Brigade clubs members about how they keep raising the bar on performance and seeing the Comics’ great attitude about making people smile, this is going to be a great one. 

There have been losses to Mummery this year, too many to mention, but they include Bill Isaacs, Rip McDonald, Frank Conforti, Jim Passio, Sr.,  Bobby Medeiros and Nick Basso.

You know, the great Bill Burke said to me, “The only thing older than the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia is Christmas.”  And Christmas, by the way, is how Bill got started in his legendary Fancy Brigade career.  He opened  a card Christmas morning when he was 9 and inside was a note saying, “You are a member of the Emerald Eagles Fancy Brigade.”  That’s turned into a present that Bill and his family having been giving us ever since.

A congratulations to Bill and to his son, also a Bill, and his daughter-in-law, Kristen, who gave birth to their second child yesterday, Finnegan Dale Burke! 

For those going to the parade there are designated performances areas. The main one is near City Hall at 15th and Market, but there is Broad and Shunk, Broad and Ritner, Broad and Washington and Broad and Sansom.  However, not all divisions start south enough to hit all those areas and sometimes the areas have to be skipped for parade speed reasons.  Also, the grandstand tickets at City Hall cost 19 dollars and were available at the Independence Visitors Center during normal business hours.  Of course, you always have the option of enjoying the parade on myphl17 in your cozy home!   Myphl17 has all the parade action all day and into the evening, plus a little Bacon Brothers may be thrown in.

WGN America plans to air 2 hours of the parade, but not the same day, not live.  Part of the parade will be broadcast on WGN America Sunday from 2pm to 4pm.

Happy New Year!

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  2. have a great parade and sturt your stuff for me- wish i could be there -maybe next year – lifes too short to not go to a mummers parade – wishing i was home for mummers day


    Cant get there this year, weather bad south of us through NY and Pa, hope its not a cancel, been there done that, (go SU! undefeated)

  4. Hello Steve

    Great job! Thank you to you and all the others with you that show what a class act is.

    Dan C.

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