Adding Up/Lining Up/Fired Up

The money raised by the Bacon Brothers “A Night With The Mummers” concert is still being counted but I can tell you it was a financial success.  As positive vibrations keep flowing, let me also share with you the Order of March for the 2010 Comcast Mummers Parade.

THE COMICS will start with Landi, followed by Murray Comic Club.  Murray will be going for a record 12 first prizes in a row.  Third and final Comic Club up the street will be Goodtimers

The 7 largest Wench Brigades are marching as a division after the Comic Division and before the Fancies.  Here’s the order.


Cara Liom




JH Saints

Froggy Carr (who dat? who dat? who dat Froggy Carr?)

THE FANCY DIVISION will start with Golden Sunrise, followed by defending champs Hog Island, then Oregon New Year’s Association.

The String Bands will be led up the street by Greater Overbrook.  Here’s the list:

Greater Overbrook



Irish American






Polish American


Greater Kensington

South Philadelphia


Quaker City


and Ferko

Note that there are 17 string bands this year. Pennsport still exists but for financial reasons some members this year are marching with Durning.

The Fancy Brigades, performing in the Pennsylvania Convention Center twice on New Year’s Day will feature the following lineup:

Cahill’s (still in the city’s official order but Cahill’s is taking a 1-year sabbatical and is not performing on Jan. 1, 2010)

2nd Street Shooters



South Philly Vikings




Satin Slipper

Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars

and Golden Crown

Get fired up!  It’s almost New Year’s Day!  Next week, we’ll talk more about themes.  The Roundup with the City of Philadelphia is now scheduled for December 16th.

13 Responses

  1. will the parade be on tv last year it was on wgn. love the mummers ret navy living in fl now.

    • Yes, Ed. Part of the parade will be on WGN America, similar to last year. 2 hours of the String Bands are, as of now, scheduled to air on Sunday, January 3rd, between 2 and 4 pm on WGN.

      • Unfortunately if youre a string band at the end of the lineup on our coverage it was cut off for a sitcom rerun!!

  2. I posted the order the day after I got them from the city. They are still on my site when I access it. Hopefully, it’s showing up on yours.

  3. Thanks Steve, Love you passion for all division of our beloved tradition.

  4. I know you are one of the biggest fans of all the mummers, but especially the wenches. If this is the city’s order of march, once again they failed to mention that between Goodtimers and Golden Sunrise will be the Wench Brigade Division! I hope you and yours have a happy holiday and a blessed new year!

    • Hi, Patrick,

      Yes they were left out of the first order sent by the city. At the roundup meeting on Dec. 16, they included the wenches as a division and I added a separate post the next day. Have a great parade and all the best in the New Year.


  5. The city left the wenches out of the first ordere of march they sent, but on Dec. 16 at the roundup, they were included. I added a separate post the following day. Good luck to all the wenches and a Happy New Year,


  6. Hopefully, the Washington DC metro area will be included in the broadcast of the Mummers Parade. It would be a wonderful show. How can I be sure?

    • Metro DC will notbe in the live broadcast. WGN American will rebroadcast 2 hours of the parade from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday.

  7. Has any decision been made about the weather… what chance is there that the parade will be postponed? I have sister’s traveling up from DE, MD, and VA… we all go to the parade together every year, and then have dinner in chinatown…

    • So far it’s a go. Final decision may not be made until 4 a.m. tomorrow, but the weather is trending better.

  8. happy new year good luck to the mummers today thank for the info. ed ret usn

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