Scores of Mummers will rally this afternoon at the Mummers Museum to boost awareness about savethemummers.com and about the big Bacon Brothers concert on December 5th at the Electric Factory.  Congressman Bob Brady will be among the elected officials at today’s rally, which starts about three.  Not only do the Mummers deserve support because of their economic benefits to the city, their ambassadorship and their continuing of America’s oldest folk parade, but they give a considerable amount of their private time to charity.  For example, just last night, members of Avalon String Band, led by Captain Jack Hee, performed and pumped up hundreds of people raising money for United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia and Vicinity.  I have no doubt they were a highlight of the evening and made people feel even better and more likely to contribute to UCP.  I spoke with Kevin and Michael Bacon and Bunny Sigler this morning on NBC10 at Issue and they are primed and ready for the concert.  It’s a great combination when the three getto perform together with the Bacon Brothers Band.

6 Responses

  1. Steve and Channel 17 as a head of a Mummers Division I appreciate everything that you do for the Mummers. Yesterday standing on that stage and hearing your speech gave me the goosebumps, you are the man .

    Chalie McKenna

  2. hi steve …just wanted to thank you for supporting the mummers you are best….. thanks captain ed bryson brysonnyb

  3. Steve is our greatest friend and our #1 ally/ p.r. man. He criss-crosses the Del. Val. to help keep us in the news and relevant. Thank you Steve!!!

    Bart White
    SouthSide Shooters NYA

  4. Steve just wanted to drop you a note that the mummers really appreciate all you do!!see ya at the parade…yes its still in the 80s here in Naple Florida…BOLT

    • Thanks, Chris. Great night with the Bacons last night. As for the temp, well, let’s just say it’s not 80 here. Wet snow last night. See you NY’s Day.

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