Money and Mummery

Hear my talk with Kevin Bacon, Michael Bacon and Bunny Sigler this Sunday morning at 6 on NBC10.  I’ll also be joined by Rob Wonderling, new President and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce to talk about the region’s economy and jobs outlook.

The Mummers plan a big concert-promoting rally this Sunday 11-22 at the Mummers Museum.  It’ll start around 3 pm.    The rally is to energize folks for the final push to fill the seats at the December 5th concert and to raise awareness about and the commitment Mummers have to making this parade work.

2 Responses

  1. ? I see the Show of Shows is set for 2010 in Atlantic City. Why is it not in Philly ? As far back as I can remember it was always held in Philly in March.

    • Kathy, there are several reasons, but mostly it has to do with costs. The show was probably at its height in the old Civic Center but when that was no longer available, the Spectrum was used. However, costs began to be prohibitive. Boardwalk Hall is a great venue. Trump helped defray costs and there is a Mummer following in south Jersey. However, whether the show stays in AC is not clear. It is possible the Show of Shows might return to Philadelphia at some point or it might stay in NJ but at another location.

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