Jimmy D and the Big Sixty

ch 17 shoot 084Members and friends of Greater Overbrook String Band gathered recently to honor a living example of devotion to Mummery:  Jim Driadon.  Jim is about to strut in his 60th parade and is enjoying his 5th separate time as Captain of Greater O.  In the band’s first 40 years or so you had to be named Harry to be Captain…just kidding…but Harry Whitman and Harry Straub  were the first captains.  Then came Jim for his first years as leader of the band up Broad Street.  He’d captain for a few years and then other folks would take turns (including another Harry, as in Harry Hill!) and occasionally Jim would be called to duty again. We gathered at the American Legion post in Brooklawn to give Jim his props.   When you think of Jim, think of the one of their recent themes because it fits the bill:  “Greater Overbrook Is Still Making Music.”   Mummery is about dedication to a tradition of being there for your friends, of mentoring teenagers, of continuing a family tradition, of representing your community and most importantly, of making people smile.  That’s Jim.  Keep it up, James!

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