Keep on Mummin’

Stop on by Woodland String Band’s Anderson Hall this evening, between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. for just $5 you get great food and fun and most importantly, a chance to help Ron Fanelli.  Ron, of Avalon String Band, you may recall, suffered a terrible loss a couple of months ago when fire struck his home, killing his wife.  Thanks Woodland for stepping up to help Ron.  You can, too.
Durning String Band had a party last night and lots of other folks are getting ready for their fundraisers.  GK has its Halloween Party this Friday night.  The Hogs have Diva Night on November 4th.  Aqua is getting it together on November 7th for their 3rd annual Beef and Beer; Greater Overbrook, too, on the 7th.  The Fancy Brigade Division golf outing has been pushed to November 14th.  Polish American String Band has its Jokers Ball at the Polish American Club on the 14th.  Check in with your favorite Mummers and support the cause and have a great time.
All this and more as the costume making, prop building and rehearsals pick up speed. 

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