Mummers Rock NY

The Bacon Brothers performed at B.B. King’s in Manhattan Thursday night.  They were assisted on “New Year’s Day” by members of various Philadelphia String Bands.   Tom Loomis, of Woodland String Band, a great sax man, tells me they broke out their instruments and got right into rehearsal before the show and a happy Kevin said, “You guys were practicin’.”  The NYC appearance follows last weekend’s show in Phoenixville.  Earlier that day Kevin and Michael had signed CD’s in Manayunk. (see pic)bacon

 Loomis says of  last night’s New York performance after getting a standing ovation from the crowd at B.B. King’s and seeing Michael’s smiling face, “It was unbelievable.”   Tom says he also got to meet Kyra Sedgwick.  He was pleased.

Save the Mummers.  Go to  Also, tickets for the December 5th concert are on sale.

Irish American String Band has their anniversary dinner tomorrow night in the Northeast at 9151 Old Newtown Road.   Also, Greater Kensington SB enjoys their kick-off party tomorrow night.

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