Walk Like MADD

MADD PIC 2Another day to save a life.  Team after team of walkers gathered along MADD PIC 4Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive near the Philadelphia Museum of Art to raise awareness about drunk driving and raise money for support programs, education and prevention.  From my position as emcee I saw hundreds of people trying to save the lives of people they will never meet.  Some of them know the anguish and life-long loss, the emptiness that will never fade that ripped into them when a drunk driver took the life of a loved one.  I am reminded of those no longer with us, of a young medical student named Jim, a 13-year-old named Hannah, of a young man named Dante and so many more whose images or names fill t-shirts and whose deaths line the faces of the survivors.  Drunk driving and distracted driving kill thousands and thousands of people each year. 

MADD PIC 3 MADD and its supporters through 29 years of effort have likely saved thousands more and Pennsylvania MADD and these walkers have made sure the effort will go on.

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  1. Hi, Peter,

    Thanks for the email. Sorry I took so long to respond. I’m new at blogging and didn’t pay attention to that part of the system that’s been set up for me. I can send you a picture. As for the pen, that was a gift and the person who gave it expects me to keep it. Thank you for your kind words and for watching. All the best to you.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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