“It Girl”

16-year-old Alexa Dectis is a driven young lady. Her 5-song CD is now available (www.alexadectis.com) and part of the proceeds will go to research into Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA.. Alexa has SMA, but more importantly, this Allentown area resident has talent, a mischievous wit and a desire to help others. I have witnessed all three at MDA camp in southeastern Pennsylvania and at the annual MDA Telethon.

What’s also cool about Alexa’s project is the music, the fact that she wrote the songs as well as performs them. With the aid of professional studio musicians, the project has come to life. Her mom, Julie Dectis, says, “I am so thrilled to see Alexa’s dreams come true. She wanted to inspire people through her music for so long…She has been given a challenge in her life and has used that challenge as an opportunity to bring peace and inspiration to others.”

Of watching their daughter write music and record, Julie says she and her husband, Peter, have learned that Alexa is very driven to achieve her goals. Says Julie, “We spent many hours in the car driving back and forth to (the recording studio) New York City to make this happen, and it wasn’t always easy balancing school and music. However, Alexa never let anything stop her from reaching her goal.”

 I think one track in particular really strikes a chord with folks facing struggles. It’s called “Make It Through.” Alexa told me it was inspired by the kids who never came back to MDA Camp because they were too ill or had passed away. Alexa believes that one day there will be a cure. I know that when that day comes, it will be because of people like Alexa.

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