Sestak on Health Care, Vick

What does he think of President Obama today? Of health care reform now? Of the Eagles hiring Mike Vick?  I spoke with U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Joe Sestak in an interview that aired today on NBC10.
I asked Sestak if, after an apparent weakening by the Obama Administration on the demand for a public option in health care reform, he still believes it is necessary.  Sestak responded, “I do, strongly. I do believe we need to cover everyone,which is good for America. But, I just as strongly believe that’s what’s good for America’s economy is to have a public health care plan option that’s a choice, not subsidized by the government, but by those who elect to join it.”  And later, “One of the shames, unfortunately, is that they call this public health care plan option a public health care plan option.  It was meant to distinguish that the public can join it if it wants to. It doesn’t mean that there’s any federal money. Zero federal money is being used in the public health care plan option.”
Is he concerned the President has weakened on this?  The Congressman says, “I’m a bit concerned actually. I so respect this President for having got us this far, but if we just cover everyone and don’t get sufficient reform on the cost of it…we may not get as much a bend in the cost.”
Is he, Sestak, as Republican Pat Toomey alleges, outside the mainstream?  Sestak responded, “If I believe in health care for everyone like my daughter had when she had her brain cancer, call me outside the mainstream or inside. If you want to characterize me as one who believes that every child should have an opportunity to go to college by having savings…call me outside or in the meansteam. If you believe as I, as Chair of Small Business Committee that we should have tax cuts to incentivize more jobs, call me conservative, liberal, pragmatic.  The issue here is I’m for the working family.”
Can we reduce size of military?   Joe Sestak says, “Right now,  it’s (the military) not cost efficient.” “Yes we can.”
On The Philadelphia Eagles hiring Mike Vick:  “I think it was the right thing to do. He was a footabll player. There are carpenters who go to jail. He came out and if he is going to properly show the remorse by community service then I think the Eagles did the right thing. I understand the arguments on the other side but so many people never get a second chance. I think what he did was horrible, but I also don’t think we should foreclose the livelihood that he had if he takes the next step.”

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