Original Trilby String Band

If you think it’s hot outside, you ought to feel the heat heat heat coming from Original Trilby String Band and the Latin theme it’s working up! OTSB is making progress with its plans for New Year’s Day. The Rio-like Carnival theme is more in Mum tradition than the band’s theme this past parade when Trilby was reliving 1950’s rock and roll, but the folks from Bridesburg hope to make one thing the same: the fun. There are some new faces with Trilby this year. Captain Joe Kaminski tells me they’re doing great.  The music’s also coming along. Trilby’s going to be accessible with tunes like “Living La Vida Loca.”
Joe, by the way, is marking 5 years with Trilby. He was with Greater Kensington String Band for about 15 years before that. Captain Joe is also celebrating 20 years with the City of Philadelphia. He works in Family Court and gets to witness many adoptions.
Trilby and Hog Island recently did a joint jam at the new 2nd Street Annie’s in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. Hogs Captain Kenny Medeiros can beat those drums! A shout-out to OTSB’s youngest member this year, 13-year-old Mark Verela, who plays tenor. Also, a shout from Trilby to Frank Passio at 2nd Street Annie’s for the great time and opportunity.

Joe and the band have a fundraising auction and pancake breakfast you can attend Sunday morning (9/20) at the clubhouse. (Only 5 bucks. Breakfast starts at 9 a.m.) They also are working up a gig in the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario, Canada, on Columbus Day weekend as Canadians mark their Thanksgiving Day.   Busy time and the heat is on at Trilby Original String Band!




One Response

  1. Best of luck in the BIG Parade this year. Bring home the big #1 baby!

    Former Mummer,
    Gerald Snyder
    Warrior, AL

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