Mike Vick

GVAC.  I believe in 2nd chances.   I love my dog and am horrified by animal abuse.   But, Michael Vick has served a normal sentence for his crimes.  His reputation is in ruins and,  up until now, he was bankrupt or close to it.  He’ll be booed and cursed as he proves in action whether he really is reborn.  He may fail.  If that happens, so be it.   Whether the Philadelphia Eagles hiring is a good football move, who knows.   However, as a decent gesture, a 2nd chance, even a high profile one, is often right to offer.   It’s not like it’s a new idea and one has to question why people are so selective in their rejection of  Michael Vick.   Vick is wrong if he thinks he can erase or make good for his crimes.   Those  actions will always be part of him, but he does have an opportunity to become a better person and because of his fame and wealth, yes, he might even be able to do much good.  I say, GVAC–Give Vick A Chance.

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