Sestak on Iran and Hillary Clinton

JoeSestakJuly2015I today recorded a conversation with former Congressman Joe Sestak and for about 30 minutes we talked about the Iran Nuclear Deal, about Christians being persecuted overseas, about Hillary Clinton and her emails, and Planned Parenthood, as well as his run for the U.S. Senate.  The interview, in which he suggests more transparency is needed from Clinton, defends the nuclear agreement with some caveats, and explains his stance on the Planned Parenthood controversy and more, will air twice on Saturday 6:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. on PHl17.

Crime Watch Daily

MattDoran2015Got a chance to meet and talk this week with Matt Doran, the new host of the one-hour daily show called Crime Watch Daily.  Very impressed with Matt’s attitude and ability.  He’s a veteran crime reporter from Australia and is leading a new investigative team based in Los Angeles.  We’ll likely be working with them on some Philadelphia stories.  I saw the pilot episode and it’s great.  The first Crime Watch Daily airs at 4pm on September 14 on PHL17.

Thank you, Mr. Pollack.

Sad to hear about Harvey Pollack passing away.  While he will be remembered by many for his role with the NBA and in particular the Warriors and Sixers, he was also a friend to Mummery.  He was involved with New Year’s Day parades and could be found at the Parks and Recreation Department at 15th and Arch, toiling away at the scoring sheets long after night fell and the parade ended.

Where There’s A Mummer…


…there’s a party. Big Jon Runyan, former Congressman and former Eagle, admiring these talented String Band members entertaining the PAL crowd tonight at the Sheraton.

Great PAL Night!


Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ramsey and the Police Athletic League tonight honor Wendy Hamilton of SugarHouse Casino, Mike Innocenzo of PECO and Marc Rayfield of CBS Radio. PHL17’s Vince Giannini is among the PAL board members present.

Ferko’s Finest Has Left Us But with Memories and Wisdom

Mr. Joe Blass has passed away.  I’m told he was 94. Though he lived a long life, his passing still comes much too soon.   Below is an article I wrote on Mr. Blass a few years ago.

If you ever pass Joe Blass on the street, turn around and follow him.  You have to.   As he walks, notes and stories compiled from 7 decades of String Bands, fall from his pockets.  At least, that’s how I imagine it.  Few have witnessed so much and known so many people involved in the crazy hobby called Mummery.  Joe has lived it since he joined his first string band when FDR was President. “It’s a way for self-expression,” he says.

Ray Endriss  (Captain of Quaker City SB from 1931 to1971) was a good friend of mine, ” Joe says casually.   Joe Blass knew them all, the lions, the legends, the steady and the loyal.   Wearing his Ferko red and even a bolo from an earlier theme, he looks back, fondly remembering his friendships with Bill Ewing, Robert Shannon, Sr., and Jim McKnight.   He remembers how social  bands  were.   Maybe more than today.   Competition was fierce, too, says Joe, “If you didn’t have that feeling that you want to be a winner, you should stay home.”   Joe Blass joined his first band in 1939.  World War II was just beginning in Europe.   Pearl Harbor was a couple of years away.

Joe would play center banjo for Woodland String Band. But, he quickly took up the saxophone, learning from a teacher who used to play with Tommy Dorsey.  Joe tells stories of playing on Sunday afternoons and of learning from Captain Sam Jefferies.   His first generation as a Mummer was fast and productive, including organizing Delaware County String Band in the late 1940’s.  “Freshmen” was their theme in ’48.

As much as he respected his early Mummer experiences, Joe was drawn to one of the greatest contributors to the String Band epic, Joseph Ferko. “I was always a great admirer of Mr. Ferko himself as a Captain and also the music (that) different musical directors presented to the club.” Joe says he called Mr. Ferko one day and said I’d like to join your band.  Says Joe, “The next Tuesday I was a member of Ferko String Band.”  Displaying his Ferko patch, Joe says proudly, “It was the best music on Broad Street, ever.  No one has ever created a sound like Ferko had.”  And Joe heard it from every angle, as a fan standing along Broad Street, as a playing member and from 1969 to 1979, as Captain of the great band.  From Woodstock through Disco, there was Joe leading Ferko.

Joe Blass worries that young people today are not having as much fun with Mummery and with the parade itself, not as much fun as folks used to have.  It’s worth thinking about, if only because Joe said it.  It may even be on a note falling from his life-filled pockets.

Get In the Game 2015!


Philadelphia Phillies players and managers, led by Carlos Ruiz, joined with some media members and scores of supporters of Philadelphia Futures tonight at the new South Bowl on Oregon Avenue. The proceeds will help hundreds of young people and programs to make college a reality. Way to go Philadelphia Futures, and my team of strikers.



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