Inn Dwelling


At the Brossman Center along Germantown Avenue for the annual Inn Dwelling dinner. Congratulations to Haverford College student Rick Sanchez, and to honorees Tim Hughes and Nancy Roche. Inn Dwelling provides hope and opportunity to many young people who prove that hard work in school pays off.

So long, Bill


Saying farewell this afternoon to the late Bill Campbell. Thanks to his family for their warm reception of friends, colleagues and fans streaming through Blake-Doyle Funeral Home in Collingswood. There has been no more professional broadcaster than Bill Campbell and he was an even better person. His funeral and burial are tomorrow. The happiness and leadership he gave us will last forever. Thank you, Bill.

Hangin’ with Roy Halladay


With Roy Halladay talking baseball and life at SugarHouse Casino today.



At the 13th annual REDI Fall Fundraiser at the waterworks where Dr. J and Dorys Erving will be honored along with Gov. Corbett and others.

Wolf in Chester


With Tom Wolf as he tours STEM Academy at Schowalter HS this morning in Chester City.

Happy Constitution Day


Got to read the Preamble to the Constitution tonight on Independence Mall. Now listening to Madison Rising. Happy Constitution Day and Happy 200th Anniversary to the Star Spangled Banner”

Special Olympics!


With my friend Lauren and other athletes tonight at Montgomery County Special Olympics Dinner and Awards!


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